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Could Cannabis Be the New Post-workout Recovery Tool

cannabis health benefits
Cannabis for recovery

Weed has transformed its reputation from a life destructing drug to a miracle medicine, at least in the United States of America. The supporters of marijuana deem it as the drug that can solve all physical and mental health problems without putting the person in a situation where they are subjected to harmful side effects, which occur due to normal pharmaceutical medicines. They promote cannabis for recovery and are ready to list down the cannabis health benefits. Majority of the American population is ready to go on a verbal war just to defend cannabis for its medicinal purposes and cannabis health benefits. However, the discussion here is about whether cannabis can provide post workout recovery or not. For that purposes, it must have the capability to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation.

How does cannabis for recovery work?

Our body is naturally composed of chemical compounds known as ‘endocannabinoids’ which are essential for regulating our insulin, immune system, fat, inflammation, and energy metabolism. Since, these chemical compounds are relatively new to the field; hence the scientists are still learning more and more about it. However, they have found that these natural chemical compounds in our body are capable of providing post workout recovery.

Cannabis for recovery

Marijuana contains cannabinoids which has been studied to have the ability to mimic the actions of this chemical compound in your body. As a result of which, it can be deduced that the theory of ‘cannabis for recovery’ can be possible. As per Perry Solomon, Chief Medical Officer of HelloMD, the main purpose of endocannabinoid is to regulate and balance the inflammation, nerve transmissions, and various other functions in the body. He further explained that on an experiment conducted on mice, it was found out that THC was able to increasing eliminate inflammation through the T-cells which are the ones causing inflammation in the body.

Cannabis Health Benefits; Yet to Discover.

Using cannabis for medicinal purposes has been a rather new subject and hence we have yet to discover all cannabis health benefits. Perry Solomon, further explains that post workout recovery with cannabis is still very subjective because, athletes smoke or apply it a different time, and there are ton of different factors that could affect the final results. The results would vary depending on their diet, exercise regimen, and what other ways of recovery do these athletes use as athletes need fast recovery to train and perform in their next field day and would not rely on one method of recovery.

Cannabis for recovery

Plenty of studies have come forward which are credible enough to believe and they have promoted that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties because, it is able to eliminate T-cells in our bodies. Moreover, these studies have also shown that it can also effectively reduce pain. Even after these studies, the final answer remains blurry because of its subjectivity. The experts believe that finding the definite answer to this question requires a high-level study, consisting of a large number of volunteers, and a consistent cannabis-based product. For finding definite results, they need to subject the people to the same quality of plant.

How Cannabis Edibles Enhance Exercise

cannabis health benefits
cannabis edibles

Whether you like to walk around the block or train for major events, one way to help improve your personal fitness may be through the consumption of cannabis edibles. There is little doubt that the recent legalization of marijuana in several states has led to an increased awareness of what cannabis might do for the body in terms of working out.

For those who already consume marijuana products, its effects are readily apparent. A relaxed feeling that lets you focus on your tasks is one of the positives when using marijuana in small amounts. It is that effect which has caused many to consider the benefits of using cannabis edibles as part of their exercise routine.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

While most people associate the consumption of marijuana with smoking, it can actually be taken in different forms that include patches and balms along with edible products. When cannabis enters the blood stream, it connects to the receptors in the brain that control mood, appetite, pain, and even memory. The result is an effect similar to endorphins when they are released into the body naturally.

The edible product represents a happy medium between the inhalation of marijuana which is fast, but often overwhelming and the slow absorption through the skin which can be time-consuming. By eating the marijuana, you get the benefits it provides in terms of relaxation without the punch of inhaling the product. When taken in the proper small doses, such edibles can provide the focus and energy needed without the downsides of using marijuana.

Does It Work?

cannabis edibles

Currently, the evidence that cannabis edibles help to enhance your personal fitness routines are mostly anecdotal in nature. This means that the majority of evidence comes from personal accounts and not scientific evidence such as medical studies. This is because marijuana has only recently become legalized in certain states and not enough time has passed for any study to reach a valid conclusion.

What can be stated is that many athletes along with those who have a vested interest in exercise and staying fit have promoted the claims that cannabis edibles offer some positive benefits which leads to more productive exercise. The benefits themselves include the following;

  • Greater relaxation
  • Reduced anxiety during exercise
  • Increase speed and focus
  • More energy and awareness of what you are doing

It’s obvious that the claims made by such athletes and personal fitness experts are based on the moderate use of edible products made from cannabis. And not from the traditional means of ingestion which is smoking the product. Too much THC, which is the active hallucinogenic in marijuana does not provide you with the energy to get off the couch, much less boost your exercise routine.

cannabis edibles

However, the anecdotal evidence itself does warrant further study because the consumption of edibles reduces the effects of the THC compared to inhalation. Because it takes longer for the substance to be absorbed into the body combined with the reduced amount of THC due to digestion, the result is a product that has the right effects without the downsides.

Types of Cannabis Edibles

Once you have decided that this type of supplement is right for you, the next step is finding out which one works best for you. There are a few different types that include Indica, saliva, hybrids, and variants rich in CBD that offer benefits as well. CBD or cannabidiol is usually made from hemp that either does not contain or has very low amounts of THC.

Indica: These are edibles known for their relaxing properties. They also help reduce anxiety and can be used for meditation purposes.

Saliva: These are edibles that provide greater energy while providing an uplifting effect.

Hybrids: They offer a cross between Indica and saliva edibles, combining the effects of both in a milder form.

cannabis edibles

CBD: Provides for reduced inflammation and lower amounts of pain and soreness after a workout. They are best used in the recovery process to help speed up the healing of muscle tissue.

Choosing the right one for you should start by sampling each one and judging its effects. Remember that the effects of each product come from those who have tried them out. So, you may find some variation in how it affects you.

If you want to avoid THC altogether, then you should go with the CBD products. While arguably not as effective in terms of pre-workout edibles compared to Indica, saliva, or the hybrids, they are an excellent choice for post-workout recovery. This is because they reduce inflammation which helps the muscles to recover faster and you feel less soreness as a result.

Otherwise, you can go with the product that provides the relaxation, energy, and focus you need to get through your exercise routine. You should base it on the type of workouts that you perform. For example, those who run long distances are probably going to need a different edible compared to those who engage in resistance or weight-lifting routines.

For cross trainers, you may want to sample different types to find the one best suited for you. There are no hard guidelines and what may work for one person may not for another. What is true is that cannabis edibles are becoming more popular thanks to their positive effects on the body for those who work out. While the evidence is still in the anecdotal stage, it can be stated that no harmful or harsh side effects have been reported in any great numbers.

cannabis edibles

Keep in mind that using cannabis edibles to enhance your personal fitness routine will still show up as a positive result for any drug testing. This means that if marijuana is still illegal in your state or the company you work for tests for the presence of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana that has the hallucinogenic effect, then you are at risk. So, be sure that you are clear to consume such edibles and that you take them in modest doses to get the full benefits without putting yourself at risk.

Pros and Cons for Cannabis Edibles in Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery
Muscle Recovery

There is little question that cannabidiol or CBD as it is more commonly known offers several positive benefits to the body. From addressing mental issues such as anxiety to depression and physical problems from seizures to insomnia and arthritis, CBD is considered effective. Another area where such cannabis edibles are being touted is muscle recovery.

At first, it does seem strange that CBD, which most people avoid using before a workout because of its relaxing properties, is being hailed as an effective muscle recovery treatment. But there are pros and cons to the cannabis edibles known as CBD puts it under consideration for the recovery of muscle tissues after a strenuous workout.

Why Consider CBD Oil?

As defined, CBD is cannabidiol that contains the natural compounds found in cannabis sativa but does not include the THC. THC is the ingredient that causes the psychoactive effects of marijuana. CBD does not have such effects but does create greater relaxation and feelings of being calm.

CBD oil is used by many people who want relief from certain ailments which include pain. This is one reason why some have promoted CBD for the recovery of muscle tissue. But that is not the entire story.


Inflammation: One of the effects that CBD oil provides is a reduction of inflammation. This can be quite helpful for those who just experienced a thorough workout as it reduces the inflammation and the pain from sore muscles. Reducing the inflammation also means that the muscle tissue not only recovers faster, but also heals faster as well.

Reduce Muscle Spasms: Another side effect of muscle soreness is the spasms that occur which can be painful. CBD oil relaxes the muscle tissues so that spasms are reduced. Plus, it also helps to take the pain away which is another cause of the muscle spasms.

In addition, CBD oil promotes good sleep which aids in the recovery of muscle tissue. Add to that the reduced pain that is felt and CBD seems like the perfect muscle recovery agent.


The first con is for people who live in states that as of yet have not legalized CBD oil. This means that employees are vulnerable to random testing as CBD will show up as a positive for a marijuana or cannabis test. For athletes who participate in competitions, CBD is not legal in some organizations, so check the rules before you consume any CBD oil.

Drug Interference: CBD oil is known to interfere with certain drugs due to the loss of cytochrome, an enzyme which helps the body metabolize medications. This means that if you are taking certain medications, CBD oil may reduce, if not eliminate their effectiveness. You will need to check with your doctor before taking CBD oil.

The jury is still out on whether cannabis edibles such as CBD can really aid in muscle recovery or simply help you to feel somewhat better with no other attribute. For those who swear by CBD, it is the product that provides all the benefits in the recovery of muscle tissue without the downsides of using over the counter pain medications.

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Taking CBD After a Workout

CBD After a Workout

While it may sound crazy using cannabis after a workout, it’s got a lot of surprising health benefits that can help take your workout routine to the next level. Because of its several benefits, CBD products are quickly becoming the latest addition to fitness enthusiasts’ post-workout regimens.

Following are some reasons why you should take CBD after a workout:

Alleviates Pain

Although feeling sore after a workout often means that your body is benefiting from it, pain resulting from overwork and injuries can negatively impact your workout routine and lifestyle. According to studies, CBD has useful pain properties that can help alleviate everything from sore joints to aching muscles. CBD for muscle recovery is its most common use among athletes nowadays.

CBD After a Workout

Boosts Metabolism

Even though it comes from cannabis, fitness enthusiasts don’t have to worry about getting high by consuming CBD. According to a study, CBD uses the “fat browning” process to help increase metabolism. It activates proteins that increase the number of mitochondria and break down fat in the body. As a result, you burn more calories and the creation of new fat cells is also reduced.

Reduces Inflammation

Regular workouts mean persistent inflammation and it could become a problem when that inflammation becomes chronic. If your body experiences chronic inflammation, it undergoes constant stress and can never completely recover. Fortunately, CBD is very helpful when it comes to reducing inflammation. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body and minimizes its immune response by mimicking neurotransmitters. As a result, it lessens the symptoms of inflammation and also regulates the metabolic process.

Helps Improve Sleep and Relaxation

You need to get a good night’s rest if you want to have an effective workout. Whether you experience the occasional restless night or chronic lack of sleep, research shows that CBD can help you get more much-needed sleep. CBD has inflammation-fighting properties that also promote sleep as chronic inflammation can lead to lower levels of tryptophan. In small doses, it is found that CBD can help with alertness during the day, hence promoting a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

Improves Immune System Function

Your body is going to have a hard time recovering after a heavy workout if your immune system isn’t working as it should. Injuries can worsen over time when this is the case. Fortunately, CBD can help suppress your immune response when it is causing inflammation and overreacting, as well as boost its healing powers when it is not working at an optimal level.

Calms Muscle Spasms

For many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, muscle spasms are a common problem and can be extremely painful as they create involuntary contractions in various areas of the body e.g. legs, back, etc. Although the exact cause behind this is unclear, some common reasons for cramping can be attributed to things like lack of nutrients, low electrolyte levels, and dehydration. CBD and muscle recovery or CBD for muscle recovery are topics that have been extensively studied. CBD is great when it comes to re-establishing homeostasis and helping the body regulate itself, hence promoting overall body relaxation which can alleviate painful cramping and reduce inflammation.

Weight Loss Treatment Options

Weight Loss

Millions of people around the world are suffering from unwanted weight gain and obesity-related issues. It can be due to several reasons including sedentary lifestyle, improper diet routines, genetic factors, and medical health issues as well. No matter what is the reason behind too much fat accumulation in your body; it is time to find some of the most trustworthy treatment options to maintain your fitness levels.

Note that excessive weight gain can further lead to a variety of medical health issues, and the conditions may get more complicated. In such situations, it is better to find some of the most trusted treatment options for weight loss.

Below we have highlighted some of the best tips to lose weight fast:

Improve Your Diet:

One of the main reasons behind unwanted weight gain is the consumption of too many calories. Yeah! There are so many food items that are responsible for weight gain, and excessive caloric intake is on the top in this list. Other than this, some processed food items also contain additives that can harm your overall health. It is time to reduce intake of refined, processed, and started made food items and start with home-made healthy and delicious options. Prefer to add more vegetables and fresh fruits to your routine diet.

Leave Crash Dieting:
Many people believe in a common misconception that dieting can help them lose weight fast; but in actual, they end up developing many terrible health problems. It can also lead to vitamin deficiencies, and slowly, it becomes quite difficult to achieve weight loss goals. Experts suggest avoiding dieting and switch to a low-calorie diet to avail desired results.

Enhance Physical Activity:
In order to get into fit and attractive body shape; it is important to do more physical activity. A person who stays lazy all the time and spends his days sleeping or sitting is more likely to gain heavyweight. Medical health experts advise staying active in routines, and for this, you can start with swimming, walking, or some other sports outdoor activities. Prefer to use stairs instead of elevators and take a walk to your office if it is located nearby. You can also hire personal fitness trainer to achieve best results.

Hormonal Treatments:
Stats reveal that hormones also play a major role in deciding your fitness levels. People who suffer hormonal imbalances are more likely to excessive weight gain. In such situations, some medical health experts also advise taking hormonal treatments as the best non-surgical option. It can help you avail considerable results in lesser time. A Phentermine coupon can help you save on such treatments.

CBD For Weight Loss:
One of the most trusted solutions for weight loss in the market is CBD medications. This natural compound is gaining more and more popularity for its effective results. CBD works by improving your sleep quality, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression so that you can maintain perfect health in routine. With this, it becomes easier to balance body weight while getting rid of major health issues like diabetes and various metabolic disorders as well.

Best CBD Oil Expos for Fitness Professionals

American CBD Expo

Date: April 27 – 28, 2019.

Location: San Diego Town and Country Hotel.

Programs: B2B and Investor

Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 11 am

Programs: General Public

Saturday and Sunday,11 am to 7 pm.

General Public program includes

  • Educational Seminars where you can learn about the medicinal values of CBD, the proper dosage and the delivery method of your CBD with your pet. There are numerous speakers that will take you through the CBD world.
  • Product demonstrations where you will get an insight into the cutting edge of the CBD industry through its product demonstrations.
  • CBD Brands where you will explore huge showrooms that feature CBD industries brightest and finest, and also show you what to do with CBD.

B2B program includes

  • A brand building opportunity as there are thousands of attendees at the shows that will help give you the exposure you want.
  • There are hundreds of investors and vendors attending the expos which makes it easier to network.
  • You can also attend investment seminars where the right potential and pre-screened investors can be matched with your company.
  • This expo will also give you a speaking opportunity as there are numerous topics that you can choose to talk about.

Investment Op. program includes

  • You will be matched with pre-screened applicants that are looking for capital in a professional seminar setting.
  • There are thousands of vendors and attendees that are interested in the CBD industry that will get exposed to your products.
  • The expos serve as an opportunity for you to network with numerous vendors and investors from all walks of the CBD industry in one room.
  • It also gives you an opportunity to pass across message out to the audience as there are lots of topics that you can talk about.

CBD Expo Northwest

This CBD Expo is powered by CBD Health and Wellness Magazine and it is the largest CBD event platform where you can showcase your products with the community and share your knowledge about CBD with the movers and shakers of the industry. This event features over 75 exhibitors with a diverse lineup of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in technology, research, globalization, production, and sale of CBD supplement.

The CBD Expo Northwest 2019 theme is mainly on innovations in Technology and Medical Trends with a welcoming twist on Broad and Full Spectrum. There will be numerous demonstrations and workshops that you can attend. Dr John MacKay will share his cool tech and tools, Keiko Beatie will open a forum for Senior Citizens and Caretakers to talk about the benefits of CBD supplements, NICE Corp is also sponsoring a DIY Mixology Lab where you will be taught how to make your own CBD products. The expo will surely be educational and fun and it is open to the public, that is everyone is invited from professionals and entrepreneurs to casual consumers.

To attend this Expo, you must be above 21 before you can be allowed to enter the exhibit floor, the event will occur on June 28th and 29th, 201 in Motif Seattle.

USA CBD Expo 2019 in Miami Beach.

This expo will occur in Miami Beach Florida and this CBD expo features an endless number of different CBD brands and products from Vape Manufacturers, pet care brands, holistic and health food producers, and varieties of companies from all over the world. This CBD expo is a perfect place to go if you want to meet new customers and make business connections.

The event will take place in the Miami Beach Convention Center. The setup will be between July 31 to August 1, 2019. The registration will then be on August 1 from 12 noon to 5 pm and on Friday from 9 am to 12 noon. B2B will hold on August 2, 12 noon to 5 pm and on August 3 from 12 noon to 3 pm. The public event will hold on August 3 from 3 to 7 pm and on August 4 from 12 noon to 6 pm.

Why Attend USA CBD Expo 2019?

  • This expo will surely be among the industry’s largest gathering of the leading CBD supplement brands, wholesalers, and manufacturers. A meet and greet will also be organized, there will also be business meetings and seminars where exhibitors and buyers can network with each other and also learn about the CBD market.
  • You will be able to try out CBD, Hemp and new CBD supplements while attending exhibitors are trying to promote their business.
  • There are about over 700 CBD and Hemp companies are going to grace the venue of the expo
  • You will get the opportunity to meet with customers and suppliers if you can attend or display exhibits during the B2B hours.
  • There is going to be various educational seminars that will be hosted at the expo which features speakers with CBD knowledge and experience.
  • You will get the chance to learn about CBD supplements from professionals in the CBD and Hemp industry at the educational seminars.
  • There will be a wide variety of exhibitors and this is a perfect chance to sample products, learn about CBD as the exhibitors and sponsors will eagerly show off their brands and teach you the benefits of CBD.
  • Going on CBD expo will help business owners and exhibitors the chance to network with numerous other business owners in the industry.
  • This is a great place to go if you want to build your brand as there will be about 5000 attendees at the event which is a perfect platform where you can grow your brand recognition and customer base.

Some of the other top CBD Oil Expos that you can visit as fitness professionals are World CBD Expo, Natural Products Expo West.

Exercise Rugs

Exercise Rug

Exercise rugs are an ideal solution for the comfort and fitness of your horse. Also known as horse rug or quarter sheet, it protects your horse from those bothersome insects and flies some of which can ultimately cause disease. The rug is very important for the health and fitness of the horse. Your animal will be warm and dry in different weather conditions and it will be protected.

The exercise rug will cover the horse from the chest area to the hindquarters. There are straps under the abdomen that will secure the rug into place. These will ensure that the rug is not displaced and your horse moves at will. The standard rug ties in the front along with two ties. There are some types that are fitted over the horse’s head and they have a closed front. Others have straps that tie around the legs in the back. These allow the rug to stay in place.

A lot of people think that the exercise rug should be a tough fabric. They are wrong. The fabric of the quarter sheet should not be very tough because when the horse is caught on a branch or something similar, the material will rip rather than the horse falling or stumbling, suffering major damage.

Exercise rugs come in all colors, fabric weights, styles, and sizes. There are rugs for sale on the market that are light, heavy, or very light to keep the horse clean. Too thick rugs are not recommended as they could cause your horse to sweat, which is uncomfortable. On the other hand, too light exercise rugs may not keep the wet and cold at bay. So, you should look for exercise rugs on sale on the market that are something in between.

There are many versions of exercise rugs for sale on the market. One version is called the turnout rug. It is suitable for a horse with a clipped coat. Turnout exercise rugs are made from breathable material and they are waterproof so your horse will stay dry and cool or warm depending on the weather. You can easily find such rugs for sale in your local market. A turnout rug protects the horse from the rays of the sun, which causes the coat to bleach or lighten.

Another version of the exercise rug is the Magnotherapy rug. This is beneficial for your horse’s fitness as it can be used before exercise to limber up the muscles. A cooling down period is needed after exercise and that’s where this rug comes in handy. Since it reduces inflammation and increases circulation, it speeds up the healing process when a horse is injured. Apart from this, there is also the under rug. This exercise rug or quarter sheet is used under other rugs to provide additional warmth.

In conclusion, exercise rugs an important part of horse wear as they are designed to protect the horse’s back from rubbing and pressure points. Apart from being beneficial to your horse’s health and fitness, these rugs can also be decorative.

Knights Fitness Program

We all know that the real knights were strong, fit, and brave. But how did they manage to stay in shape back in the days where gyms were not even in the plan, let alone be available?

Believe it or not, in the medieval times, knights had their own ways to work out. If you want to know the knights fitness program, just take a look below and find out more about how the used to train their bodies so they can manage every challenge that came their way.

The training of a knight began very early in the life of a boy. Yes, it was known well ahead which boys will become the next knights of the kingdom. Thus, their training for their future jobs started somewhere around the age of 5 or 6 years old.

Yes, the knights fitness program began rather early so that they have sufficient time to develop well. But, the program did not start early just out of the desire to make sure that young boys manage to develop healthy and strong from a physical point of view.

The idea was to inoculate the notion of discipline in their minds as well, so they get accustomed to obeying orders ever since their childhood. Thus, mental strength was just as important as physical resistance back in those days.

What kind of physical exercises were popular in those days? Well, the knights fitness program included everything a knight should be prepared to do. So, they used to climb walls, developing the needed type of skills in this case. This was useful in case a town had to be occupied and someone had to pass the fortress walls.

For this exercise, the knights had to find two walls that enabled them to use their feet and hands, by pushing them on the sides, for climbing up. The horse vault was another preferred exercise by the knights and was part of the knights fitness program. The idea was to find a horse that sits quietly, put a hand on its neck or saddle, and then jump on its back.

This exercise was also practiced with pulling another man on the horse, just in case another knight had to be saved from a dangerous situation. In this case, the horse is moving and the rider had to provide help and support for the second man to perform the house vault.

The knights fitness program also included hammer swing exercises and stone throwing, usually, large stones were involved. This was for increasing muscular fitness and resistance, as the sword was a large and heavy weapon to deal with. The knights were also trained to fight with their bare hands, so a punching practice was a regular aspect in the knights fitness program.

At a closer look, the fitness program of medieval knights is not that complicated. However, it was appropriate for those days and met the expectations knights had to raise up to. Solely wearing a heavy armor was pushing their bodies and training their muscles, so we can say that they were quite challenged from a physical point of view.

Does red wine help with fitness?

You probably heard doctors saying that a glass of red wine is good for your health. But, did you ever consider the fact that the same glass of red wine can actually improve your fitness? Apparently, there are some studies that can back up such an affirmation. So, let us look closer into this matter and see how red wine can help you.

If you are following a diet and working out in order to get rid of unwanted pounds, then you must know that alcohol should not be present in your menu. This is because the human body metabolizes alcohol in a different manner than it does food, so, if you are not careful and consume too much alcohol, you may end up adding too many calories to your diet or even damage your liver if you have too much of it. But, if you know how much red wine is okay to be consumed and know your limits, then a glass of this beverage infused with antioxidants is not going to be a bad choice.

So, what’s the connection between staying fit, exercising, and red wine? Well, were you ever in the mood of enjoying a nice glass of red wine or beer after a workout session? According to specialists, wine or beer stimulate our body to release endorphins, known for being the hormones of happiness. Thus, for your body, giving it a glass of beer or red wine after working so hard is perceived as a reward. But, it is also known that our body produces endorphins when exercising as well. So, if you take the endorphins resulted from a good training session and add them with the endorphins generated by consuming a glass of red wine or beer, you’ll end up enjoying a very good mood and feel great. In case you are worried about calories, red wine is a better option than beer as it usually has a lower amount of calories than beer. But, do know that this varies from one type of wine to another. Thus, if you are counting calories, be careful what kind of red wine you choose to consume.

In other words, enjoying a glass or two of red wine actually works as an amazing motivator when it comes to helping us stick to our workout routine. Besides this, a group of researchers came to the conclusion that red wine can also help us get rid of fat and keep it away from our bodies. This is due to the grapes’ content of ellagic acid, which is capable of boosting the metabolism and burn fat cells, including in the liver, and slow down the multiplication of this type of cells. But, this doesn’t mean that we can rely on red wine to get rid of fat. It will slow down the accumulation of fatty tissue in the body, but it is our duty to burn fat. This is why we need to exercise properly. So, if you work out and drink a bit of red wine, not only will you manage to get rid of fat more effectively, but you will also allow your body to burn the calories obtain from consumptions of red wine.

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