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Fitness Marketing Tips

marketing consultant

The competition between fitness centers is rife. If you want to succeed, you need to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition. Your personal fitness center needs to be the place where clients can achieve their fitness goals. It needs to be an experience and exude a community feel.

How to achieve this? Marketing. You will need to implement certain marketing strategies to get your gym or fitness center in front of as many people as possible. However, getting your gym noticed in today’s competitive market is no easy feat. Fortunately, there are guidelines that can help you in this regard.

Following are the fitness marketing tips that will help you ensure success:

Establish an Online Presence
No matter the type of business, having an online presence is the key to reach wider audiences nowadays. Having an engaging, visual, and dynamic online presence is a given first step when it comes to fitness marketing as it helps convey your brand identity to potential customers. Tapping into online sources will open up a powerful gateway that makes your personal fitness center searchable and visible.

Harness Social Media
Social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all great avenues to promote your fitness center. In fact, they are now considered an integral part of fitness marketing. It is recommended that you use social media to introduce staff members as well as interact with clients in addition to sharing offers and discounts. Your goal here is to promote every aspect of your fitness center that makes it unique and special.

Use Geo-targeted Ads
Geo-targeted ads are a great way of online marketing as they help you effectively tap into your local community. Including such ads as part of your personal fitness center marketing strategy make sure that the potential customers within your local area will see your advertisements. All the major contenders, e.g. Twitter, Google Ads, Facebook, etc. provide geo-targeted ad options so take advantage of them.

Get Mobile Savvy
Consult with any marketing consultant and they will tell you how important it is for a business to utilize mobile technology. It is important because the vast majority of people these days use their smartphones to take in online media. So, it is crucial for your personal fitness center to have a mobile friendly website so you can fully take advantage of mobile ads. Make sure your site is easy to read, glitch free, and has fast page load speeds.

Utilize Email Marketing
When it comes to interacting with your clients and encouraging them back to your fitness center, captivating email marketing campaigns can be very successful. Keep in mind that some people need a little motivation and email campaigns are a great way to encourage interaction with the website and social media pages of your fitness center. In short, they are an important step into getting more classes booked.

In conclusion, utilizing a mix of traditional and alternative fitness marketing strategies can really help generate results. So, talk to your marketing consultant to create these dedicated marketing approaches so that customers are led to your website and ultimately to your front door.

Considering CBD For Muscle Recovery? Here is What To Know

cbd edibles

Here is what you need to know
Muscle pains, insomnia, anxiety, restlessness; CBD products are being used as medical remedies for a wide range of conditions and ailments around and outside the country. This is chiefly as a result of the various reports and stories which sometimes pass-off as ‘mystical powers’ to non-users. Recently, athletes and sportsmen are becoming more interested in CBD products as a cure to the many bodily conditions which they suffer (esp. muscles).

Why do we have to suffer Muscle Aches after a workout?
After each workout or physically exerting exercise, we usually feel aches in our muscles which could lead to inflammation of such parts; this is a result of ‘stretching’ that muscle. Intense workouts cause molecular damages to our muscle fibers; that is what leads to inflammation and aches in those parts.

What is CBD, and its function in the body
CBD is short for cannabidiol and is derived from the hemp-based cannabis plant. CBD does not contain the psychoactive element (THC) present in most cannabis plants like marijuana, which makes CBD very desirable to people especially athletes and fitness trainers. CBD works by stimulating our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for maintaining internal balance within the body. ECS receptors affect conditions like body metabolism, appetite, stress, mood, etc.

Is CBD legal to use
Due to the Farm act of 2018, CBD products and medical cannabis is decriminalized in the whole of the United States. Which means you can buy CBD freely in most states in America. However, marijuana in all its form remains a banned product across the country. CBD is also legal to use for athletes, as it was removed from the list of banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 2018. Therefore, CBD products and edibles are allowed in competitions.

CBD and the Muscles
Most times when muscles are damaged or affected, they regrow automatically. But multiple inflammation and damages to the muscle area can make such regrowth slow and exhaustive. The CBD compounds have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can perfectly help to relieve the burden caused by inflammation.

Also, CBD reacts perfectly with the ECS receptors to perform special actions that help the muscle regrowth and cell multiplication of the affected areas. CBD serves as a brain stimulant and can help relax the nerves and muscle while this is going on; that you feel little/no pains while all this is taking place.

Best intake methods CBD compounds
There are different ways in which CBD can be taken in the body; this depends on factors like the reason for application, the body system of the individual, etc.

As CBD edibles
These are edibles like gummies, chocolates, mints, drinks, etc. are a great way to get CBD compounds into your body system to have a longer time for effect. CBD compounds should be taken 2 hours before the commencement of the activity.

CBD vaping/smoking
This is the fastest method of getting CBD compounds into your system, and it has the quickest onset time in the body. Golfers and athletes mostly vape CBD compounds.

The application of balms, sprays, ointments containing CBD externally will help to soothe the areas around the muscles and is very effective for pains and aches.

Oral/sublingual application
This has a lower absorption period and should be taken 10-30 minutes before the anticipated period

Muscle and injury recoveries period differs in individuals; depending on the individual’s immune system, body metabolism, genetics, and many other factors. However, there are several anecdotes from professional athletes that reinforce medical study on the positive effects of CBD in helping the muscles recover.

Is CBD effective for workouts?

cbd vape pen

Over the years, CBD edibles have really taken off. Consumers have begun to appreciate that it is one of the simplest ways to enjoy their CBD while also proving to be among the tastiest and the method that arguably delivers the most long-lasting effects. CBD edibles are usually thought to come in the form of baked goods and candies, but in recent years, entrepreneurs have begun to explore others ways to consume CBD that you don’t have to chew and instead that you sip. These are known as CBD drinkables.

A CBD drinkable, such as CBD wine or coffee, is the same idea as an edible in the way that it is infused with CBD and can be consumed without smoking it. They are one of the ways that older communities find more comfortable and appealing than smoking, making them popular among a larger age range. They are growing in popularity and are seeing many manufacturers pop up around the United States and Canada; but, why did it take so long for them to come around?

Making a beverage like CBD wine or sparkling water that is infused with such compounds is a bit trickier than just making a cocktail. One of the main challenges is that cannabinoids like CBD are hydrophobic, which means they repel water away from them; if you put a drop of cannabinoids into water, they will move to the surface of the liquid instead of mixing in evenly. It has taken many chemists just as many trial and error runs to make it through this issue and have had to do things like converting oils into an emulsion that is water soluble in order to get it to disperse, and some have managed to do this while also eliminating any taste or smell from it. The company S?RSE, or instance, uses food grade components to create their proprietary formula with ingredients that have been approved by the FDA in the United States for their safety and efficacy. Other companies are working to catch up.

Still, because regulations are quite messy and tend to change a lot, finding a distributor of CBD drinkables can be tricky. There are certain marketing rules that a company has to follow but in order to direct them to the right crowds, find themselves struggling to do. If you live in states with cannabis-friendly markets such as Washington or Colorado or even countries like Canada where it is legal, you will have an easier time finding them. Otherwise, you may have to have CBD drinks shipped to you, and fortunately, most of the products currently available on the market are legally allowed to be shipped to all 50 states.

Because of the benefits and the overall appeal of CBD infused drinks, they are rising in popularity, and over time, it is the hope that they will become more easily regulated so everyone who wants to benefit from them is able to.

Is CBD Effective For Muscle Recovery

cbd vape pen

CBD has drastically increased in popularity as an effective treatment for a variety of ailments. The use of CBD for health and wellness benefits has recently spanned the area of athletics as a way to improve muscle recovery, reduce aches and pains, and more. More and more people are nowadays taking CBD edibles to speed recovery after intense workouts, enhance muscle building, and promote exercise performance. But is CBD really effective for muscle recovery? Read on to find out.

How Muscle Recovery Works
The body has a way of building itself up after a strenuous workout. When you perform intense workout, your muscles tear that need to be fixed. The best time for muscle recovery is while you sleep. Muscle recovery occurs while you are resting. The damaged/teared muscles are repaired, body hormones are restored, and new energy stores are created.

How Does CBD Work to Help with Muscle Recovery?
No matter how you take CBD, e.g. via CBD vape pen, consuming CBD edibles, etc., CBD works through the endocannabinoid system of your body. The endocannabinoid system maintains a balance in the body through an array of functions. Through this system, CBD helps with muscle recovery.

It does it in the following ways:

Reduces Inflammation
CBD vape pen, tinctures, and other products come in handy due to their anti-inflammatory properties that help decrease the soreness of your muscles after an intense workout. When there is inflammation and swelling, your brain prompts your body to increase oxygen supply, nutrients, and blood to the affected area. CBD helps speed up this process and hence promotes fast muscle recovery.

Reduces Muscle Pain
Intense workout doesn’t just lead to muscle soreness, but also pain in various parts of the body. This may include headaches, joint pain, etc. CBD can help alleviate these pains and aches. This is because it actively inhibits the transmission in the brain and spinal cord.

Reduces Muscle Tension
The muscles of your body are elastic. So, when you exercise, a tension is applied to your muscles. The effort you put into swimming or running or the weights you pull create this tension. CBD products like CBD vape pen, tinctures, CBD edibles are useful when it comes to reducing the pain as they help lower muscle tension.

Improves Sleeping Patterns
As mentioned before, the best time for muscle recovery is while you sleep. So, after a day of hitting the gym, you can consume CBD to get a mellow and smooth transition to slumberland. The improved sleeping patterns will promote fast muscle recovery.

The Bottom Line
Is CBD good for muscle recovery? Definitely. It helps your system heal faster because of its various beneficial properties. As a result, you can have workout sessions filled with energy and get to see the desired results in no time. However, keep in mind that the treatment could do more harm than good if you don’t do it right. So, it is recommended that you get your CBD products from a reputed vendor and use the right dosage after consulting with your doctor.

Great Fitness Jewelry Finds

fitness jewelry

Practical Fitness Jewelry
If you want fitness jewelry with a practical use, consider buying a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are also known as activity trackers. They keep track of how much you have exercised within a certain time period. The trackers can measure how far you have walked, ran, cycled, or swam. They are great for people who like to walk or run a certain number of miles per day. They can also measure how many calories you burned during exercising. These easy to use tracking devices help you to track your fitness or weight loss goals. Some trackers also track your heart beat which is great for users that are trying to keep their heartbeat at a certain rate during exercises. Five Highly Recommended Fitness Tracker Smart Watches

1. Fitbit Charge 3
This smart watch isn’t as cheap as the Amazfit Bip. However, it is still one of the cheaper fitness tracking smart watches. The watch is usually sold for around 100 dollars. It takes a small amount of time to charge the watch. Normally the watch is done charging in as little as 2 hours. The battery life will last up to 7 days with a single charge. The Fitbit Charge 3 comes with a variety of different fitness tracking functions. You can get stats in real time concerning your work outs. These stats help you figure out where you need to improve. There are also over 15 exercise modes to choose from and you have the option to set goals for yourself. What makes this smart watch unique is that is also tracks how much time you have spent in the light. The smart watch also provides exercise guidance that is based on your usage of the smart watch.

2. Amazfit Bip
The Amazfit Bip is one of the cheaper options if you are looking for a fitness tracking smart watch. It is normally around 70 dollars on amazon, although the price might fluctuate. The watch has an amazing amount of battery life. The battery can last 30 days or more with a single charge. That’s longer than most fitness trackers. The watch equips a heart rate sensor and sport tracking. The watch comes with 4 sport modes. These modes include outdoor running, walking, cycling, and treadmill. The watch can also track your daily calorie consumption and count your steps. Distance tracking is also constantly available. Like a normal smart watch, you can also use this watch to check your emails and text messages.

3. Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS Smart Watch
The Garmin Forerunning 245 GPS Smart Watch normally costs around 300 dollars. This smart watch is unique because it tells you whether you are doing too much exercise or not enough exercise. You are also given specific details about how you are running. The watch measures the length of your strides, vertical ratio, and more specific stats than a normal smart watch. These stats help you to perfect your running technique. The watch will also create work out routines that are specific to you. The smart watch will also last you a while. The battery will keep a charge for up to 7 days, if left in just smart watch mode. The battery will last for 24 hours in GPS mode. The GPS mode will detect your location. It will also give you incident reports for your area.

4. Fitbit Inspire HR
The Fitbit Inspire HR tracks your heartbeat, steps, distance, and your sleep. The smart watch can tell the difference between your resting heart beat and your heart beat while active. There are also more than 15 exercise modes to choose from. The watch will also last for a while on a single charge. The battery lasts up to 5 days and usually takes 2 hours to charge. The watch also has all of the normal smart watch functions. It usually costs around 100 dollars.

5. Garmin Vivoactive 4S
This smart watch is one of the more expensive ones. It currently costs around 300 dollars, although the price may fluctuate over time. It may be expensive but it does have a wide range of features. This smart watch comes with animated work outs that display on the watch screen. There are exercises for cardio, yoga, and strength building. You can also download more exercises if you wish to. The Garmin Vivoactive 4S also has a great battery life. The battery can last up to 7 days if left in smart watch mode. In GPS and music mode, the watch will last up to 5 hours. There are thousands of apps to choose from to add to your watch in the Connect IQ store. A unique aspect about this watch is that it can let you pay for items using Garmin Pay.

Sports and Exercise Themed Jewelry
Not all fitness jewelry has to have a practical use. There are plenty of jewelry options out there that can help you to express your love for sports. Wearing sports themed jewelry is a great way to advertise that you are a sports fan. The jewelry may become a conversation starter and a way to connect with other fans of the same sport. Etsy has a large selection of sports themed jewelry made by hand. When you search for fitness jewelry, you can find a variety of different necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Some store owners make rings with a ball as the center piece. Other store owners express their love of sports by making sports themed charm bracelets. There are also customizable options for those who would like a personal engraving. Buyers can engrave information about their own sports teams on some items. These personable touches make the items something that you can treasure for years to come. In addition to sports themed jewelry, you can also find jewelry that advertises your general love of exercise. You can buy charms that show that you lift weights or run. You can also find bracelets with exercise related quotes like “fitness junkie” and “#squats”. There is also motivational jewelry available that can get you into the mood to exercise. The jewelry says things like “Unstoppable” and “Strong is Beautiful”.

Jewelry That Supports a Certain Sports Team
Of course, you can also buy official merchandise from your favorite sports team’s website. Buying merchandise directly from the official websites helps to support your favorite teams. You can also find specific team related merchandise on many retail sites. There is a huge selection of team specific merchandise on Amazon and eBay. There are also physical stores that solely sell team specific merchandise.

Poison Rings
You might be thinking that poison rings are an odd addition to a list about fitness jewelry! However, poison rings can actually be useful if you need on the go storage. The secret compartment can be used to store small items like vitamins. This makes it so that you don’t have to carry around a container or purse for one item. Poison rings originated hundreds of years ago in Ancient India and the Far East. The rings contain secret compartments that are used to hide things. The compartment is normally hidden under the bezel or within the bezel itself. Most people believe that the rings were used to store poison. This poison would be used by nobles to poison their enemies. This rumor became popular around the 16th century. Food was normally taste tested by nobles for this reason. In reality, these rings were rarely used to store poison. The rings were normally used to store mementos and perfume from a lover. For fitness purposes, we can use the rings for vitamin storage.

Why your gym should have a harassment policy?

gym classes
gym classes

Before we start exploring the reasons why your gym should have a harassment policy and what can compel you to find a lawyer any of the given circumstances, let us take a detour of how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the branch that essentially looks after the enforcement of antidiscrimination laws defines it.

Harassment is the term employed to name an unwelcoming behavior that is based on age, sex, religion, disability, race, national origin or prove unlawful when either the action of another person seems offensive and inappropriate and thus, becomes a condition of employment or the conduct is grave enough to interfere with the professional efficiency of a person. Nobody can guarantee what the future holds for us and thus, because you haven’t encountered any incident that can be qualified as harassment at the gym doesn’t necessarily meant that you wo ld never.

If you own a gym, chances are, like any other public recreational center, this confinement is too crowded with a lot of faces throughout the day that are far from sharing any connection from one another swears by distinct set of principles and beliefs altogether. Even if discrimination and harassment rings a negative bell in your heart and mind, to others it might just be like any other casual remark.

Therefore, to be on the safer prospects of things and protect your business and the gym classes from any unforeseen legal complications, securing a harassment policy and distributing a copy of the same to all the members of the gym would be the ideal recourse to follow. However, there is a list of specific guidelines delineated by the EEOC that expects the owners that they won’t appreciate or encourage harassment in any form. In the following section, we will be jo ting down the mandatory components of the policies as recommended by the agency or you can also find a lawyer to help you with the features of it.

  • The policy must contain a clear definition of the harassment as mentioned by EEOC.
  • You must lay emphasis on your strictness about the policy that has been circulated in the gym classes; meaning, there can be no negotiations in the code of conduct and you are looking forward to building a business that is free from discrimination and harassment as related by the Federal law.
  • There should be enough room for the victim to file his complaint to at least two people to make certain that all the procedures are being carried out fairly. For instance, if there is a solid rule that all complaints should be submitted to the head trainer only, and if the trainer himself turns out to be the offender, then the complaint would lose all its significance.
  • The next step should be the means to organize an investigation of the complaint and should be constituted by prompt action and privacy to guarantee a positive conclusion of the case.
  • You must in your policy guarantee no retaliation, that is rule will be valid regardless of the nature of outcome and will be followed by the assurance of confidentiality and should chiefly extend to both the parties and witnesses involved.
  • Your policy should lastly have a statement of consequence which clearly states the repercussions of harassment in the vicinity of your gym.

After illustrating all these rules, you can find a lawyer to check their validity and severity before the final circulation process. On completion, to assure that all the members of the gym classes including the employees and clients have thoroughly read through the clauses, ask them to submit photocopies of the policy with their signatures on them. The underlying objective ruling this operation is to discourage all forms of harassment increasing by the day and start curbing them one by one.

Ways to Take CBD for your workout

cbd edibles

According to Human Services, adults should indulge a weekly minimum of 150 minutes worth of aerobic activity in taking care of a healthy weight through cbd edibles. Although this is often good advice, anyone who is conscious of the word “no pain, no gain” will make you understand just how debilitating post-workout muscle strains, pains, and aches are often.

Every single day, over 10,000 people find themselves inside a hospital, emergency care facility or doctor office with a workout-related injury. Even for those that are lucky to not finish up during a clinic, muscle strain and the tension can make exercise unavoidable.

Not to mention, discomfort and injuries arise once the body responds to the intensity of a workout. Physiological processes, like cardiovascular performance and motor functions, may fall out of balance unless the entity is with or is producing an adequate amount of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the cannabis plant naturally-occurring chemicals, and there are many them.

Why use CBD edibles as a part of a workout routine?
CBD, or ”cannabidiol” as scientists would call it, maybe a primary constituent of hemp and cannabis. It ‘sits not a psychotropic chemical and thus won’t leave you feeling ”stoned”, ”baked” or ”high”. Instead, it’ deliver your body a dose of therapeutic goodness, barren of any overly sedating or intoxicating effects.

Some of the NFL most notable players like Eugene Monroe, Nate Jackson, and Joe McMahon are proud users of CBD edibles. Join them, why don’t you? In doing so, you’ll reap the continued health benefits of CBD edibles and nasal spray, which include – but aren’t limited to the relaxation, pain relief, anti-inflammation, improved sleep, faster healing, and nausea and spasm relief.

You can start taking advantage of the therapeutic properties of CBD once you buy broad-spectrum solutions and pesticide-free oils online. There are many reasons to introduce this non-psychoactive cannabinoid into your lifestyle.

To get you inspired, we’ve made an inventory of 10 ways during which you’ll use CBD edibles to reinforce a workout routine:

  1. Rub a wide solution on the injured area(s) – the good thing about CBD is that it are often infused into topical solutions which will be applied on to the skin for the relief. Mix some of the edible oil with a carrier solution to be used as an anti-inflammatory.
  2. Inhale a CBD-rich nasal spray for swift pain relief – Inhalation may be a method that that’s known a rapid onset of the effect.
  3. Take supplements to support the ECS – Athletes of all types try out CBD edibles supplements for sports recovery, which usually are available the shape of capsules, and in the shape of dissolvable powder.
  4. Use CBD edibles as a post-workout supplement – apart from working as a pre-workout supplement, CBD anti-inflammatory property to make it ideal for soothing tired muscles after a vital session within the gym, too!
  5. Use CBD edibles beneath the tongue for fast absorption into the bloodstream – this is often one among the foremost popular methods of consumption because it’sits safe and allowing for the controlled dose. More so, the CBD edibles contain in tinctures can even be flavored to fit your preferences. Dropping in/beneath your tongue and let the CBD work its magic.
  6. Make a CBD edibles bath thing – Recharge your batteries and provides your muscles an opportunity to actually heal by dropping a CBD-infused bath bomb into the bathtub. Ever tried dabbing? (No, not the dance move.) If you wish to inhale your cannabinoids, found out a dab rig and fill your lungs with CBD. The relief experienced by dabbing concentrated sorts of cannabis will emerge almost instantly.

Could Cannabis Be the New Post-workout Recovery Tool

cannabis health benefits
Cannabis for recovery

Weed has transformed its reputation from a life destructing drug to a miracle medicine, at least in the United States of America. The supporters of marijuana deem it as the drug that can solve all physical and mental health problems without putting the person in a situation where they are subjected to harmful side effects, which occur due to normal pharmaceutical medicines. They promote cannabis for recovery and are ready to list down the cannabis health benefits. Majority of the American population is ready to go on a verbal war just to defend cannabis for its medicinal purposes and cannabis health benefits. However, the discussion here is about whether cannabis can provide post workout recovery or not. For that purposes, it must have the capability to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation.

How does cannabis for recovery work?

Our body is naturally composed of chemical compounds known as ‘endocannabinoids’ which are essential for regulating our insulin, immune system, fat, inflammation, and energy metabolism. Since, these chemical compounds are relatively new to the field; hence the scientists are still learning more and more about it. However, they have found that these natural chemical compounds in our body are capable of providing post workout recovery.

Cannabis for recovery

Marijuana contains cannabinoids which has been studied to have the ability to mimic the actions of this chemical compound in your body. As a result of which, it can be deduced that the theory of ‘cannabis for recovery’ can be possible. As per Perry Solomon, Chief Medical Officer of HelloMD, the main purpose of endocannabinoid is to regulate and balance the inflammation, nerve transmissions, and various other functions in the body. He further explained that on an experiment conducted on mice, it was found out that THC was able to increasing eliminate inflammation through the T-cells which are the ones causing inflammation in the body.

Cannabis Health Benefits; Yet to Discover.

Using cannabis for medicinal purposes has been a rather new subject and hence we have yet to discover all cannabis health benefits. Perry Solomon, further explains that post workout recovery with cannabis is still very subjective because, athletes smoke or apply it a different time, and there are ton of different factors that could affect the final results. The results would vary depending on their diet, exercise regimen, and what other ways of recovery do these athletes use as athletes need fast recovery to train and perform in their next field day and would not rely on one method of recovery.

Cannabis for recovery

Plenty of studies have come forward which are credible enough to believe and they have promoted that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties because, it is able to eliminate T-cells in our bodies. Moreover, these studies have also shown that it can also effectively reduce pain. Even after these studies, the final answer remains blurry because of its subjectivity. The experts believe that finding the definite answer to this question requires a high-level study, consisting of a large number of volunteers, and a consistent cannabis-based product. For finding definite results, they need to subject the people to the same quality of plant.

How Cannabis Edibles Enhance Exercise

cannabis health benefits
cannabis edibles

Whether you like to walk around the block or train for major events, one way to help improve your personal fitness may be through the consumption of cannabis edibles. There is little doubt that the recent legalization of marijuana in several states has led to an increased awareness of what cannabis might do for the body in terms of working out.

For those who already consume marijuana products, its effects are readily apparent. A relaxed feeling that lets you focus on your tasks is one of the positives when using marijuana in small amounts. It is that effect which has caused many to consider the benefits of using cannabis edibles as part of their exercise routine.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

While most people associate the consumption of marijuana with smoking, it can actually be taken in different forms that include patches and balms along with edible products. When cannabis enters the blood stream, it connects to the receptors in the brain that control mood, appetite, pain, and even memory. The result is an effect similar to endorphins when they are released into the body naturally.

The edible product represents a happy medium between the inhalation of marijuana which is fast, but often overwhelming and the slow absorption through the skin which can be time-consuming. By eating the marijuana, you get the benefits it provides in terms of relaxation without the punch of inhaling the product. When taken in the proper small doses, such edibles can provide the focus and energy needed without the downsides of using marijuana.

Does It Work?

cannabis edibles

Currently, the evidence that cannabis edibles help to enhance your personal fitness routines are mostly anecdotal in nature. This means that the majority of evidence comes from personal accounts and not scientific evidence such as medical studies. This is because marijuana has only recently become legalized in certain states and not enough time has passed for any study to reach a valid conclusion.

What can be stated is that many athletes along with those who have a vested interest in exercise and staying fit have promoted the claims that cannabis edibles offer some positive benefits which leads to more productive exercise. The benefits themselves include the following;

  • Greater relaxation
  • Reduced anxiety during exercise
  • Increase speed and focus
  • More energy and awareness of what you are doing

It’s obvious that the claims made by such athletes and personal fitness experts are based on the moderate use of edible products made from cannabis. And not from the traditional means of ingestion which is smoking the product. Too much THC, which is the active hallucinogenic in marijuana does not provide you with the energy to get off the couch, much less boost your exercise routine.

cannabis edibles

However, the anecdotal evidence itself does warrant further study because the consumption of edibles reduces the effects of the THC compared to inhalation. Because it takes longer for the substance to be absorbed into the body combined with the reduced amount of THC due to digestion, the result is a product that has the right effects without the downsides.

Types of Cannabis Edibles

Once you have decided that this type of supplement is right for you, the next step is finding out which one works best for you. There are a few different types that include Indica, saliva, hybrids, and variants rich in CBD that offer benefits as well. CBD or cannabidiol is usually made from hemp that either does not contain or has very low amounts of THC.

Indica: These are edibles known for their relaxing properties. They also help reduce anxiety and can be used for meditation purposes.

Saliva: These are edibles that provide greater energy while providing an uplifting effect.

Hybrids: They offer a cross between Indica and saliva edibles, combining the effects of both in a milder form.

cannabis edibles

CBD: Provides for reduced inflammation and lower amounts of pain and soreness after a workout. They are best used in the recovery process to help speed up the healing of muscle tissue.

Choosing the right one for you should start by sampling each one and judging its effects. Remember that the effects of each product come from those who have tried them out. So, you may find some variation in how it affects you.

If you want to avoid THC altogether, then you should go with the CBD products. While arguably not as effective in terms of pre-workout edibles compared to Indica, saliva, or the hybrids, they are an excellent choice for post-workout recovery. This is because they reduce inflammation which helps the muscles to recover faster and you feel less soreness as a result.

Otherwise, you can go with the product that provides the relaxation, energy, and focus you need to get through your exercise routine. You should base it on the type of workouts that you perform. For example, those who run long distances are probably going to need a different edible compared to those who engage in resistance or weight-lifting routines.

For cross trainers, you may want to sample different types to find the one best suited for you. There are no hard guidelines and what may work for one person may not for another. What is true is that cannabis edibles are becoming more popular thanks to their positive effects on the body for those who work out. While the evidence is still in the anecdotal stage, it can be stated that no harmful or harsh side effects have been reported in any great numbers.

cannabis edibles

Keep in mind that using cannabis edibles to enhance your personal fitness routine will still show up as a positive result for any drug testing. This means that if marijuana is still illegal in your state or the company you work for tests for the presence of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana that has the hallucinogenic effect, then you are at risk. So, be sure that you are clear to consume such edibles and that you take them in modest doses to get the full benefits without putting yourself at risk.

Pros and Cons for Cannabis Edibles in Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery
Muscle Recovery

There is little question that cannabidiol or CBD as it is more commonly known offers several positive benefits to the body. From addressing mental issues such as anxiety to depression and physical problems from seizures to insomnia and arthritis, CBD is considered effective. Another area where such cannabis edibles are being touted is muscle recovery.

At first, it does seem strange that CBD, which most people avoid using before a workout because of its relaxing properties, is being hailed as an effective muscle recovery treatment. But there are pros and cons to the cannabis edibles known as CBD puts it under consideration for the recovery of muscle tissues after a strenuous workout.

Why Consider CBD Oil?

As defined, CBD is cannabidiol that contains the natural compounds found in cannabis sativa but does not include the THC. THC is the ingredient that causes the psychoactive effects of marijuana. CBD does not have such effects but does create greater relaxation and feelings of being calm.

CBD oil is used by many people who want relief from certain ailments which include pain. This is one reason why some have promoted CBD for the recovery of muscle tissue. But that is not the entire story.


Inflammation: One of the effects that CBD oil provides is a reduction of inflammation. This can be quite helpful for those who just experienced a thorough workout as it reduces the inflammation and the pain from sore muscles. Reducing the inflammation also means that the muscle tissue not only recovers faster, but also heals faster as well.

Reduce Muscle Spasms: Another side effect of muscle soreness is the spasms that occur which can be painful. CBD oil relaxes the muscle tissues so that spasms are reduced. Plus, it also helps to take the pain away which is another cause of the muscle spasms.

In addition, CBD oil promotes good sleep which aids in the recovery of muscle tissue. Add to that the reduced pain that is felt and CBD seems like the perfect muscle recovery agent.


The first con is for people who live in states that as of yet have not legalized CBD oil. This means that employees are vulnerable to random testing as CBD will show up as a positive for a marijuana or cannabis test. For athletes who participate in competitions, CBD is not legal in some organizations, so check the rules before you consume any CBD oil.

Drug Interference: CBD oil is known to interfere with certain drugs due to the loss of cytochrome, an enzyme which helps the body metabolize medications. This means that if you are taking certain medications, CBD oil may reduce, if not eliminate their effectiveness. You will need to check with your doctor before taking CBD oil.

The jury is still out on whether cannabis edibles such as CBD can really aid in muscle recovery or simply help you to feel somewhat better with no other attribute. For those who swear by CBD, it is the product that provides all the benefits in the recovery of muscle tissue without the downsides of using over the counter pain medications.

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