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Could Cannabis Be the New Post-workout Recovery Tool

Cannabis for recovery

Weed has transformed its reputation from a life destructing drug to a miracle medicine, at least in the United States of America. The supporters of marijuana deem it as the drug that can solve all physical and mental health problems without putting the person in a situation where they are subjected to harmful side effects, which occur due to normal pharmaceutical medicines. They promote cannabis for recovery and are ready to list down the cannabis health benefits. Majority of the American population is ready to go on a verbal war just to defend cannabis for its medicinal purposes and cannabis health benefits. However, the discussion here is about whether cannabis can provide post workout recovery or not. For that purposes, it must have the capability to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation.

How does cannabis for recovery work?

Our body is naturally composed of chemical compounds known as ‘endocannabinoids’ which are essential for regulating our insulin, immune system, fat, inflammation, and energy metabolism. Since, these chemical compounds are relatively new to the field; hence the scientists are still learning more and more about it. However, they have found that these natural chemical compounds in our body are capable of providing post workout recovery.

Cannabis for recovery

Marijuana contains cannabinoids which has been studied to have the ability to mimic the actions of this chemical compound in your body. As a result of which, it can be deduced that the theory of ‘cannabis for recovery’ can be possible. As per Perry Solomon, Chief Medical Officer of HelloMD, the main purpose of endocannabinoid is to regulate and balance the inflammation, nerve transmissions, and various other functions in the body. He further explained that on an experiment conducted on mice, it was found out that THC was able to increasing eliminate inflammation through the T-cells which are the ones causing inflammation in the body.

Cannabis Health Benefits; Yet to Discover.

Using cannabis for medicinal purposes has been a rather new subject and hence we have yet to discover all cannabis health benefits. Perry Solomon, further explains that post workout recovery with cannabis is still very subjective because, athletes smoke or apply it a different time, and there are ton of different factors that could affect the final results. The results would vary depending on their diet, exercise regimen, and what other ways of recovery do these athletes use as athletes need fast recovery to train and perform in their next field day and would not rely on one method of recovery.

Cannabis for recovery

Plenty of studies have come forward which are credible enough to believe and they have promoted that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties because, it is able to eliminate T-cells in our bodies. Moreover, these studies have also shown that it can also effectively reduce pain. Even after these studies, the final answer remains blurry because of its subjectivity. The experts believe that finding the definite answer to this question requires a high-level study, consisting of a large number of volunteers, and a consistent cannabis-based product. For finding definite results, they need to subject the people to the same quality of plant.