Does red wine help with fitness?

You probably heard doctors saying that a glass of red wine is good for your health. But, did you ever consider the fact that the same glass of red wine can actually improve your fitness? Apparently, there are some studies that can back up such an affirmation. So, let us look closer into this matter and see how red wine can help you.

If you are following a diet and working out in order to get rid of unwanted pounds, then you must know that alcohol should not be present in your menu. This is because the human body metabolizes alcohol in a different manner than it does food, so, if you are not careful and consume too much alcohol, you may end up adding too many calories to your diet or even damage your liver if you have too much of it. But, if you know how much red wine is okay to be consumed and know your limits, then a glass of this beverage infused with antioxidants is not going to be a bad choice.

So, what’s the connection between staying fit, exercising, and red wine? Well, were you ever in the mood of enjoying a nice glass of red wine or beer after a workout session? According to specialists, wine or beer stimulate our body to release endorphins, known for being the hormones of happiness. Thus, for your body, giving it a glass of beer or red wine after working so hard is perceived as a reward. But, it is also known that our body produces endorphins when exercising as well. So, if you take the endorphins resulted from a good training session and add them with the endorphins generated by consuming a glass of red wine or beer, you’ll end up enjoying a very good mood and feel great. In case you are worried about calories, red wine is a better option than beer as it usually has a lower amount of calories than beer. But, do know that this varies from one type of wine to another. Thus, if you are counting calories, be careful what kind of red wine you choose to consume.

In other words, enjoying a glass or two of red wine actually works as an amazing motivator when it comes to helping us stick to our workout routine. Besides this, a group of researchers came to the conclusion that red wine can also help us get rid of fat and keep it away from our bodies. This is due to the grapes’ content of ellagic acid, which is capable of boosting the metabolism and burn fat cells, including in the liver, and slow down the multiplication of this type of cells. But, this doesn’t mean that we can rely on red wine to get rid of fat. It will slow down the accumulation of fatty tissue in the body, but it is our duty to burn fat. This is why we need to exercise properly. So, if you work out and drink a bit of red wine, not only will you manage to get rid of fat more effectively, but you will also allow your body to burn the calories obtain from consumptions of red wine.