Exercise Rug

Exercise Rugs

Exercise rugs are an ideal solution for the comfort and fitness of your horse. Also known as horse rug or quarter sheet, it protects your horse from those bothersome insects and flies some of which can ultimately cause disease. The rug is very important for the health and fitness of the horse. Your animal will be warm and dry in different weather conditions and it will be protected.

The exercise rug will cover the horse from the chest area to the hindquarters. There are straps under the abdomen that will secure the rug into place. These will ensure that the rug is not displaced and your horse moves at will. The standard rug ties in the front along with two ties. There are some types that are fitted over the horse’s head and they have a closed front. Others have straps that tie around the legs in the back. These allow the rug to stay in place.

A lot of people think that the exercise rug should be a tough fabric. They are wrong. The fabric of the quarter sheet should not be very tough because when the horse is caught on a branch or something similar, the material will rip rather than the horse falling or stumbling, suffering major damage.

Exercise rugs come in all colors, fabric weights, styles, and sizes. There are rugs for sale on the market that are light, heavy, or very light to keep the horse clean. Too thick rugs are not recommended as they could cause your horse to sweat, which is uncomfortable. On the other hand, too light exercise rugs may not keep the wet and cold at bay. So, you should look for exercise rugs on sale on the market that are something in between.

There are many versions of exercise rugs for sale on the market. One version is called the turnout rug. It is suitable for a horse with a clipped coat. Turnout exercise rugs are made from breathable material and they are waterproof so your horse will stay dry and cool or warm depending on the weather. You can easily find such rugs for sale in your local market. A turnout rug protects the horse from the rays of the sun, which causes the coat to bleach or lighten.

Another version of the exercise rug is the Magnotherapy rug. This is beneficial for your horse’s fitness as it can be used before exercise to limber up the muscles. A cooling down period is needed after exercise and that’s where this rug comes in handy. Since it reduces inflammation and increases circulation, it speeds up the healing process when a horse is injured. Apart from this, there is also the under rug. This exercise rug or quarter sheet is used under other rugs to provide additional warmth.

In conclusion, exercise rugs an important part of horse wear as they are designed to protect the horse’s back from rubbing and pressure points. Apart from being beneficial to your horse’s health and fitness, these rugs can also be decorative.