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How to find a local happy hour

Nothing completes the day like getting to a venue and realizing its happy hour. Pleasant times involve great drinks and wonderful food, and if they come at a discounted price that makes us more joyous.

Finding a local happy hour can be tricky if you do not utilize the right means. No one wants to set off for a joint only to find that he/she has just missed happy hour by a few minutes.

The easiest way to find a happy hour is through the internet, which offers various websites and apps tailor-made for the job. Apps have proven to be the best option since they have extra features that optimize your experience as you search for happy hours.

Therefore, here is a rundown of different apps you can use to find the perfect happy hour right in your area.

The Apps

1. Happy Hour Finder
Whether yours is a liking for wonderful drinks or a hunger for great deals, you will love this app.

Made for iOS and Andriod, Noel Churchill has developed this application to suit those watching out for awesome prices, wherever they are.

It is free, for easy access and has a user-friendly interface with well-labeled buttons. Once in the app, the first loaded screen is a detailed description of happy hour deals of the day.

Once you tap a happy hour, the consequent page contains details of the establishment that is offering the deals. This includes contact information with the address and phone numbers, reviews of the establishment, its location, and the exact time of the happy hour.

Back to the main screen, you can select a day of your choice, allowing you to able to plan for your future events. Equally important, the app features a voice over which will read all page elements for you if you are feeling lazy.

Happy hour finder accesses your location (approximate location or precise location) and your dial screen to allow you to directly call numbers of establishments.

Download and install this app today for great deals wherever you are.

2. Scoutmob

Built by Scoutmob, this app is your ultimate mobile guide to events, local deals, restaurants and anything else worth your time in your area.

It is available for iOS and Android with its jurisdiction covering the United States in Austin, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, San Francisco, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, and Denver.

Scoutmob gives you details of happy hours for drinks and food plus information about upcoming events close to you. Moreover, this app will educate you via interesting articles about locally focused stories, highlights, interviews, and a calendar showing events in your selected area.

The interface is high quality made and has a user-friendly style that will get you finding awesome deals in the shortest time possible.

One great aspect about this app is that it is free; you can install it on your phone right now without much fuss.

3. Cocktail Compass

happy hour

An awesome product by All Night Studios LLC, this app not only gives you a selection of places with the happiest happy hours but also establishment with Wi-Fi so that you can even continue doing your work as you enjoy your favorite drink.

Tapping into the app, the first page gives you instant information of the nearest happy hour, its location, distance to cover from where you are, and the time the establishment has allocated for happy hour.

Furthermore, you can also bookmark your favorite spots and email all the details to your friends making it easy for them to find you. The app has a cabs icon that allows you to call for a ride home with just a click.

A dedicated team enables you to discover new joints and deals that you did not know by constantly updating information on the app.

Despite having such great features, the developers of this app have made it available without any fee so you can pick your phone and install it quickly with no upfront cost for deals.

4. Bar & Happy Hour Finder

This cool app by one Michael Quach not only helps you to find happy hours, but also gives you details of favorable bars, pubs, and nightclubs.

It is for iOS platforms, with an easy-to-use interface. Once on the app, the first page gives you details about various venues in your location as it accesses GPS to know exactly where you are.
Selecting a listing offers you information about the establishment’s location, what is available on the menu and the happy hour time (where applicable).

This app goes an extra mile by listing available entertainment joints such as cigar bars, gentlemen’s clubs, gay bars, dive bars, and adult bookstores. In addition to places where you can find great deals for drinks, it also shows restaurant where you can get finger-licking specials at affordable prices.

The interface gives you an option to search for a location you know of, with the results being 100% accurate and up to date.

Bar and Happy Hour Finder has a size of 9.8 mb and it can be purchased free on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. For you to install this app, you must be 17 years and above.

5. Price Per Pint

Happy Hour

Price Per Pint is a happy hour app dedicated to not only giving you happy hour information but also details of bars, daily specials, drinks, and prices.

PintSource LLC made it as a 14mb app with availability being only for iOS devices. It is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

With this app, you have information of 2000+ bars located in 50+ cities. The admin promises that this number is growing to cover more ground to accommodate more areas.

The interface also allows you to rate bars you know while also listing your favorite drinks and their prices.

Accessing the home page of the app, you will see options for choosing a city, different types of venues, and different types of drinks plus food. Additionally, this app allows you to select the time you prefer to visit thus giving you a choice of venues open at that particular time.

Despite this app being limited to iOS platform, it is very efficient when it comes to finding somewhere ideal to hang out with your pals.


Apps and their websites offer easy ways of finding happy hours closest to you. The above apps are compiled from an ever-growing list so if you choose not to use any of them, there are many others that are available.

Choose your most preferred app and let the internet guide you to the best happy hours around you.