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How Cannabis Edibles Enhance Exercise

cannabis edibles

Whether you like to walk around the block or train for major events, one way to help improve your personal fitness may be through the consumption of cannabis edibles. There is little doubt that the recent legalization of marijuana in several states has led to an increased awareness of what cannabis might do for the body in terms of working out.

For those who already consume marijuana products, its effects are readily apparent. A relaxed feeling that lets you focus on your tasks is one of the positives when using marijuana in small amounts. It is that effect which has caused many to consider the benefits of using cannabis edibles as part of their exercise routine.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

While most people associate the consumption of marijuana with smoking, it can actually be taken in different forms that include patches and balms along with edible products. When cannabis enters the blood stream, it connects to the receptors in the brain that control mood, appetite, pain, and even memory. The result is an effect similar to endorphins when they are released into the body naturally.

The edible product represents a happy medium between the inhalation of marijuana which is fast, but often overwhelming and the slow absorption through the skin which can be time-consuming. By eating the marijuana, you get the benefits it provides in terms of relaxation without the punch of inhaling the product. When taken in the proper small doses, such edibles can provide the focus and energy needed without the downsides of using marijuana.

Does It Work?

cannabis edibles

Currently, the evidence that cannabis edibles help to enhance your personal fitness routines are mostly anecdotal in nature. This means that the majority of evidence comes from personal accounts and not scientific evidence such as medical studies. This is because marijuana has only recently become legalized in certain states and not enough time has passed for any study to reach a valid conclusion.

What can be stated is that many athletes along with those who have a vested interest in exercise and staying fit have promoted the claims that cannabis edibles offer some positive benefits which leads to more productive exercise. The benefits themselves include the following;

  • Greater relaxation
  • Reduced anxiety during exercise
  • Increase speed and focus
  • More energy and awareness of what you are doing

It’s obvious that the claims made by such athletes and personal fitness experts are based on the moderate use of edible products made from cannabis. And not from the traditional means of ingestion which is smoking the product. Too much THC, which is the active hallucinogenic in marijuana does not provide you with the energy to get off the couch, much less boost your exercise routine.

cannabis edibles

However, the anecdotal evidence itself does warrant further study because the consumption of edibles reduces the effects of the THC compared to inhalation. Because it takes longer for the substance to be absorbed into the body combined with the reduced amount of THC due to digestion, the result is a product that has the right effects without the downsides.

Types of Cannabis Edibles

Once you have decided that this type of supplement is right for you, the next step is finding out which one works best for you. There are a few different types that include Indica, saliva, hybrids, and variants rich in CBD that offer benefits as well. CBD or cannabidiol is usually made from hemp that either does not contain or has very low amounts of THC.

Indica: These are edibles known for their relaxing properties. They also help reduce anxiety and can be used for meditation purposes.

Saliva: These are edibles that provide greater energy while providing an uplifting effect.

Hybrids: They offer a cross between Indica and saliva edibles, combining the effects of both in a milder form.

cannabis edibles

CBD: Provides for reduced inflammation and lower amounts of pain and soreness after a workout. They are best used in the recovery process to help speed up the healing of muscle tissue.

Choosing the right one for you should start by sampling each one and judging its effects. Remember that the effects of each product come from those who have tried them out. So, you may find some variation in how it affects you.

If you want to avoid THC altogether, then you should go with the CBD products. While arguably not as effective in terms of pre-workout edibles compared to Indica, saliva, or the hybrids, they are an excellent choice for post-workout recovery. This is because they reduce inflammation which helps the muscles to recover faster and you feel less soreness as a result.

Otherwise, you can go with the product that provides the relaxation, energy, and focus you need to get through your exercise routine. You should base it on the type of workouts that you perform. For example, those who run long distances are probably going to need a different edible compared to those who engage in resistance or weight-lifting routines.

For cross trainers, you may want to sample different types to find the one best suited for you. There are no hard guidelines and what may work for one person may not for another. What is true is that cannabis edibles are becoming more popular thanks to their positive effects on the body for those who work out. While the evidence is still in the anecdotal stage, it can be stated that no harmful or harsh side effects have been reported in any great numbers.

cannabis edibles

Keep in mind that using cannabis edibles to enhance your personal fitness routine will still show up as a positive result for any drug testing. This means that if marijuana is still illegal in your state or the company you work for tests for the presence of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana that has the hallucinogenic effect, then you are at risk. So, be sure that you are clear to consume such edibles and that you take them in modest doses to get the full benefits without putting yourself at risk.