Knights Fitness Program

We all know that the real knights were strong, fit, and brave. But how did they manage to stay in shape back in the days where gyms were not even in the plan, let alone be available?

Believe it or not, in the medieval times, knights had their own ways to work out. If you want to know the knights fitness program, just take a look below and find out more about how the used to train their bodies so they can manage every challenge that came their way.

The training of a knight began very early in the life of a boy. Yes, it was known well ahead which boys will become the next knights of the kingdom. Thus, their training for their future jobs started somewhere around the age of 5 or 6 years old.

Yes, the knights fitness program began rather early so that they have sufficient time to develop well. But, the program did not start early just out of the desire to make sure that young boys manage to develop healthy and strong from a physical point of view.

The idea was to inoculate the notion of discipline in their minds as well, so they get accustomed to obeying orders ever since their childhood. Thus, mental strength was just as important as physical resistance back in those days.

What kind of physical exercises were popular in those days? Well, the knights fitness program included everything a knight should be prepared to do. So, they used to climb walls, developing the needed type of skills in this case. This was useful in case a town had to be occupied and someone had to pass the fortress walls.

For this exercise, the knights had to find two walls that enabled them to use their feet and hands, by pushing them on the sides, for climbing up. The horse vault was another preferred exercise by the knights and was part of the knights fitness program. The idea was to find a horse that sits quietly, put a hand on its neck or saddle, and then jump on its back.

This exercise was also practiced with pulling another man on the horse, just in case another knight had to be saved from a dangerous situation. In this case, the horse is moving and the rider had to provide help and support for the second man to perform the house vault.

The knights fitness program also included hammer swing exercises and stone throwing, usually, large stones were involved. This was for increasing muscular fitness and resistance, as the sword was a large and heavy weapon to deal with. The knights were also trained to fight with their bare hands, so a punching practice was a regular aspect in the knights fitness program.

At a closer look, the fitness program of medieval knights is not that complicated. However, it was appropriate for those days and met the expectations knights had to raise up to. Solely wearing a heavy armor was pushing their bodies and training their muscles, so we can say that they were quite challenged from a physical point of view.