The Healthy Bodies for Life Program is hosted by S.W.A.T Fitness.  The program consists of 12 weekly workshops. Each workshop will last 30-45 minutes. Each participant will receive a journal to track physical activity and eating habits. At each workshop, the participant can expect to have: weight/measurements taken, discussion of prior goals/achievements/barriers, fitness tips and resources, discussion of following two weeks goals, exercise demonstration, open discussion for questions on current diets/trends and more. click here for more information


Medical Nutrition Therapy, MNT, can include but is not limited to sports nutrition, weight loss, heart health, eating disorders, bariatric nutrition, pediatric nutrition, pre- and peri-natal nutrition, renal nutrition, and diabetes.

What to expect at your MNT appointment:  “One diet does not fit all”.  Together with our Registered Dietitian, you will create an individualized nutrition plan according to your wellness goals.  Health professionals and others agree that nutrition services are one of the first treatments that individuals should receive to improve diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Medical Nutrition Therapy provided by a Registered Dietitian includes a: (1) review of what you eat and your eating habits, (2) a thorough review of your nutritional health and (3) a personalized nutrition treatment plan.

Therapy consists of a 1 to 1 ½ hour initial assessment, followed by 2 or more ½ to 1-hour follow-up sessions, depending upon personal need.

Ask your doctor if a referral for MNT with our Dietitian can improve your health.  With a referral, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your medical insurance.  Contact your insurance company directly to obtain this information.


Meet Our Dietitian:
Julia Ridenour is a registered dietitian of 19 years, the mother of three, a wife of 23 years and happy in each of these roles.  She attended a CUP (coordinated undergraduate program) at the University of Illinois at Chicago receiving a BS in Nutrition and Medical Dietetics. Julia has worked in food service, food manufacturing, and in the health and wellness industry. Her experiences include education and lecturing, maintaining nutrition panels, quality control of food products, and counseling as a WIC nutritionist. Everyone eats and everyone can benefit from nutrition education when it’s presented in a fun and informative manner.


Health Talks

Each month members and non-members are welcome to attend a complimentary health talk. At the health talk, information will be given on vitamins and supplements.
Learn what your body may be lacking and get your questions answered!! Vitamins and supplements can be purchased inside at SWAT Fitness Club. Visit our online
questionnaire at to determine which supplements may be beneficial to you.



SWAT Fitness Club will host various monthly seminars.  Topics will cover a range of ideas including diabetes education, healthy cooking, nutrition meal and snack planning, smoking cessation and more.


All classes are Free to attend and open to the public – please call 544-5000 to register you.  Guests are welcome!