Muscle Recovery

Pros and Cons for Cannabis Edibles in Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery

There is little question that cannabidiol or CBD as it is more commonly known offers several positive benefits to the body. From addressing mental issues such as anxiety to depression and physical problems from seizures to insomnia and arthritis, CBD is considered effective. Another area where such cannabis edibles are being touted is muscle recovery.

At first, it does seem strange that CBD, which most people avoid using before a workout because of its relaxing properties, is being hailed as an effective muscle recovery treatment. But there are pros and cons to the cannabis edibles known as CBD puts it under consideration for the recovery of muscle tissues after a strenuous workout.

Why Consider CBD Oil?

As defined, CBD is cannabidiol that contains the natural compounds found in cannabis sativa but does not include the THC. THC is the ingredient that causes the psychoactive effects of marijuana. CBD does not have such effects but does create greater relaxation and feelings of being calm.

CBD oil is used by many people who want relief from certain ailments which include pain. This is one reason why some have promoted CBD for the recovery of muscle tissue. But that is not the entire story.


Inflammation: One of the effects that CBD oil provides is a reduction of inflammation. This can be quite helpful for those who just experienced a thorough workout as it reduces the inflammation and the pain from sore muscles. Reducing the inflammation also means that the muscle tissue not only recovers faster, but also heals faster as well.

Reduce Muscle Spasms: Another side effect of muscle soreness is the spasms that occur which can be painful. CBD oil relaxes the muscle tissues so that spasms are reduced. Plus, it also helps to take the pain away which is another cause of the muscle spasms.

In addition, CBD oil promotes good sleep which aids in the recovery of muscle tissue. Add to that the reduced pain that is felt and CBD seems like the perfect muscle recovery agent.


The first con is for people who live in states that as of yet have not legalized CBD oil. This means that employees are vulnerable to random testing as CBD will show up as a positive for a marijuana or cannabis test. For athletes who participate in competitions, CBD is not legal in some organizations, so check the rules before you consume any CBD oil.

Drug Interference: CBD oil is known to interfere with certain drugs due to the loss of cytochrome, an enzyme which helps the body metabolize medications. This means that if you are taking certain medications, CBD oil may reduce, if not eliminate their effectiveness. You will need to check with your doctor before taking CBD oil.

The jury is still out on whether cannabis edibles such as CBD can really aid in muscle recovery or simply help you to feel somewhat better with no other attribute. For those who swear by CBD, it is the product that provides all the benefits in the recovery of muscle tissue without the downsides of using over the counter pain medications.