CBD After a Workout

Taking CBD After a Workout

While it may sound crazy using cannabis after a workout, it’s got a lot of surprising health benefits that can help take your workout routine to the next level. Because of its several benefits, CBD products are quickly becoming the latest addition to fitness enthusiasts’ post-workout regimens.

Following are some reasons why you should take CBD after a workout:

Alleviates Pain

Although feeling sore after a workout often means that your body is benefiting from it, pain resulting from overwork and injuries can negatively impact your workout routine and lifestyle. According to studies, CBD has useful pain properties that can help alleviate everything from sore joints to aching muscles. CBD for muscle recovery is its most common use among athletes nowadays.

CBD After a Workout

Boosts Metabolism

Even though it comes from cannabis, fitness enthusiasts don’t have to worry about getting high by consuming CBD. According to a study, CBD uses the “fat browning” process to help increase metabolism. It activates proteins that increase the number of mitochondria and break down fat in the body. As a result, you burn more calories and the creation of new fat cells is also reduced.

Reduces Inflammation

Regular workouts mean persistent inflammation and it could become a problem when that inflammation becomes chronic. If your body experiences chronic inflammation, it undergoes constant stress and can never completely recover. Fortunately, CBD is very helpful when it comes to reducing inflammation. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body and minimizes its immune response by mimicking neurotransmitters. As a result, it lessens the symptoms of inflammation and also regulates the metabolic process.

Helps Improve Sleep and Relaxation

You need to get a good night’s rest if you want to have an effective workout. Whether you experience the occasional restless night or chronic lack of sleep, research shows that CBD can help you get more much-needed sleep. CBD has inflammation-fighting properties that also promote sleep as chronic inflammation can lead to lower levels of tryptophan. In small doses, it is found that CBD can help with alertness during the day, hence promoting a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

Improves Immune System Function

Your body is going to have a hard time recovering after a heavy workout if your immune system isn’t working as it should. Injuries can worsen over time when this is the case. Fortunately, CBD can help suppress your immune response when it is causing inflammation and overreacting, as well as boost its healing powers when it is not working at an optimal level.

Calms Muscle Spasms

For many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, muscle spasms are a common problem and can be extremely painful as they create involuntary contractions in various areas of the body e.g. legs, back, etc. Although the exact cause behind this is unclear, some common reasons for cramping can be attributed to things like lack of nutrients, low electrolyte levels, and dehydration. CBD and muscle recovery or CBD for muscle recovery are topics that have been extensively studied. CBD is great when it comes to re-establishing homeostasis and helping the body regulate itself, hence promoting overall body relaxation which can alleviate painful cramping and reduce inflammation.