The Best Fitness Discount Cards

Health is wealth. To be healthy, however, you need to invest your time, money and even energy into it. Staying healthy and fit does not have to be overpriced, though, and this is where discount comes in. There are so many health discount promos out there that you are probably confused about which one to choose.

When you type fitness or nutrition discount cards on Google, you get many results and you wonder where to start from, the purpose of this article is to simplify the process for you. These are some of the best deals you can get in 2018.

  • Vitamin World Saving Passport Membership

You can earn money on all items you buy in Vitamin world through their saving passport offer. This saves you 50% of the amount you will normally spend. You sign up as a member, then start earning a point for every dollar you spend, which is converted to dollar quarterly.

  • Nutrition World Platinum Membership

This is a year-round members-only offer of nutrition world. You get a discount on every item you purchase from the store in form of credits, which will be added to your membership account. You can redeem the credit as cash as long as it is up to $2 dollars and above.

  • GNC discount

This is in two forms. The mygnc rewards is an ordinary member reward and discount card. It gives one point each for every purchase you make which is converted to dollars for redemption. There is no membership fee to earn this reward. If you would like to enjoy more benefits, then, mygnc Pro access is for you. This is strictly for members who have upgraded to the premium account. You have exclusive benefits like personal sales day, free shipping on every item and free samples.

  • Wellcard savings

This is where you get best offers from different health care providers. The discount ranges from 10% to as high as 60% seasonal offer for special days. You get discount every time you pay for services provided by the medical service provider. During your holiday period, Wellcard savings is a great way to save money. With their great discounts and unique offers to treat you special, you get preferential treatment while having fun alone or with your family.

  • Nutrition Express

This is a shop to get all discounted vitamin, diet and bodybuilding products that have a discount. They have weekly discount and shipping discount for every purchase you make from top brands. You also get gifts when you make a certain amount of purchase. Free shipping is also available in forty-eight US states.

  • Vitacost Coupons, Discounts, and Promo Codes.

This gives you amazing offers on many of their products. You can get as high as 50% discount on their products. You also qualify for gifts when you buy some of their protein shake and other natural eco-friendly products. This allows you to spend less and save big.

Visit any of these fitness or nutrition centers and get deals you just cannot refuse.