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Why your gym should have a harassment policy?

gym classes

Before we start exploring the reasons why your gym should have a harassment policy and what can compel you to find a lawyer any of the given circumstances, let us take a detour of how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the branch that essentially looks after the enforcement of antidiscrimination laws defines it.

Harassment is the term employed to name an unwelcoming behavior that is based on age, sex, religion, disability, race, national origin or prove unlawful when either the action of another person seems offensive and inappropriate and thus, becomes a condition of employment or the conduct is grave enough to interfere with the professional efficiency of a person. Nobody can guarantee what the future holds for us and thus, because you haven’t encountered any incident that can be qualified as harassment at the gym doesn’t necessarily meant that you wo ld never.

If you own a gym, chances are, like any other public recreational center, this confinement is too crowded with a lot of faces throughout the day that are far from sharing any connection from one another swears by distinct set of principles and beliefs altogether. Even if discrimination and harassment rings a negative bell in your heart and mind, to others it might just be like any other casual remark.

Therefore, to be on the safer prospects of things and protect your business and the gym classes from any unforeseen legal complications, securing a harassment policy and distributing a copy of the same to all the members of the gym would be the ideal recourse to follow. However, there is a list of specific guidelines delineated by the EEOC that expects the owners that they won’t appreciate or encourage harassment in any form. In the following section, we will be jo ting down the mandatory components of the policies as recommended by the agency or you can also find a lawyer to help you with the features of it.

  • The policy must contain a clear definition of the harassment as mentioned by EEOC.
  • You must lay emphasis on your strictness about the policy that has been circulated in the gym classes; meaning, there can be no negotiations in the code of conduct and you are looking forward to building a business that is free from discrimination and harassment as related by the Federal law.
  • There should be enough room for the victim to file his complaint to at least two people to make certain that all the procedures are being carried out fairly. For instance, if there is a solid rule that all complaints should be submitted to the head trainer only, and if the trainer himself turns out to be the offender, then the complaint would lose all its significance.
  • The next step should be the means to organize an investigation of the complaint and should be constituted by prompt action and privacy to guarantee a positive conclusion of the case.
  • You must in your policy guarantee no retaliation, that is rule will be valid regardless of the nature of outcome and will be followed by the assurance of confidentiality and should chiefly extend to both the parties and witnesses involved.
  • Your policy should lastly have a statement of consequence which clearly states the repercussions of harassment in the vicinity of your gym.

After illustrating all these rules, you can find a lawyer to check their validity and severity before the final circulation process. On completion, to assure that all the members of the gym classes including the employees and clients have thoroughly read through the clauses, ask them to submit photocopies of the policy with their signatures on them. The underlying objective ruling this operation is to discourage all forms of harassment increasing by the day and start curbing them one by one.